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Carbon Project Development

Green Timber Consulting Foresters is one of only a handful of firms actively involved in the North American carbon credit market. The precision and accuracy of our inventory product have been displayed in the successful design and execution of a carbon inventory on a large ownership in Upper Michigan which complies with the rigorous requirements of the California Air Resources Board. This particular carbon inventory project has joined a short list of others which passed the required field verification. This is a testament to our inventory expertise and dedication to our clients.

Extensive scientific research has demonstrated that well managed and productive forests help to mitigate the effects of climate change by storing carbon in trees, plants and soil. Large landowners have begun to capitalize on the need to sequester carbon by selling carbon credits. These credits are purchased by emitters of carbon dioxide to offset their net impact on atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. The number of credits a landowner can sell is dependent on ownership size, forest type and management regime, among other factors. Credits are calculated by developing an intensive inventory which uses precise measurements coupled with peer-reviewed research to determine the amount of carbon which is sequestered on a parcel of land. Carbon project development and verification is a very intensive process and selecting an experienced team of professionals is crucial to the success of a carbon project. Green Timber Consulting Foresters has successfully collaborated with the experts at Carbon Verde and Spatial Informatics Group to offer our clients a unique carbon project development option. We follow a fee for service business model which allows our clients to take full advantage of registered carbon credits which are not encumbered by a project development commission.

The process of enrolling a landowner in a carbon credit/offset program includes a landowner consultation, feasibility study and project development proposal.

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