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Food Plots

A Green Timber Forester will evaluate the site characteristics (soil type, hydrology, aspect, etc. ) of your property and make food plot planting and location recommendations. We will also develop a schedule to establish and maintain your food plot.

When installing wildlife food plots the following steps are taken to help guarantee success.

  1. First, the site for the food plot must be determined. The site should be located in a relatively remote area of the property where wildlife would feel comfortable feeding. It is important however that the food plot be accessible for the equipment used in establishment and maintenance. Also, when possible, the food plot should be located in a natural forest opening or one created as a result of timber harvesting to reduce the amount of labor required for tree and brush removal.
  2. Next, a soil test needs to be taken. Taking a soils test will help determine what type of vegetation will grow on the site and how much fertilizer should be added to maximize the vegetative growth.
  3. The food plot will then most likely need to be sprayed with herbicide to control competing vegetation. If the existing vegetation on the food plot, whether it be grass, brush, etc., is not controlled it will result in poor success of the desired planted species. Controlling the competing vegetation by applying herbicide and disking before seeding will help ensure maximum success of the food plot.
  4. Once the competing vegetation is controlled through application of herbicide and disking, the plot will have to be seeded. The species of seed being planted will determine the rate at which the seed is spread.
  5. After the seeding is complete the food plot will be rolled with a cultipacker to ensure optimal soil contact with the seed maximizing germination.
  6. Once the food plot is established it will have to be maintained according to the type of vegetation that is planted. This maintenance can range from yearly mowing to complete food plot reestablishment.

With a little work and proper planning a wildlife food plot can be established and maintained for years of enjoyment.



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