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Global Positioning System (GPS)

What is GPS?

Global Positioning System uses satellites orbiting the earth to triangulate the 3-D position of the receiver (typically displayed using latitude, longitude and altitude) and to track receiver movement. In forestry, GPS facilitates accurate mapping and reliable navigation while streamlining timber harvest preparation. Some loggers now utilize GPS technology in their harvesting equipment; GTCF has the capability to provide loggers with GPS files as needed in order to ensure that harvest boundaries are strictly adhered to.


The use of GPS in forestry applications is vast and diverse.

  • Determining Locations of Select Features
    • Known locations are uploaded onto GPS units for field use
    • Points of interest are located in the field and recorded on a handheld GPS receiver. Such points include:
      • Property Corners
      • Forest Management Units
      • Forest Inventory Points
      • Wildlife/Wetland Concerns
      • Roads/Trails
      • Structures
      • Other Special Features

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